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Outdated marketing tactics, relying on referrals, inexperienced advertising agencies are things of the past. So we’re changing the entire beauty industry with real Luxury Beauty + Wellness Marketing.

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Qualified Clients

Get fully booked with real deposits on your calendar. We bring in paying clients, not just "leads."

Guaranteed Leads Policy

We commit to a minimum 75 leads in 90 days or we work for free until you're there.

VIP Exclusivity

We only work with the top 5% of worldwide practitioners and reserve your city so you can be #1 in your area.

Expert Concierge Team

Receive a 24/7 VIP service that handles ALL of your marketing & sales from (calls, texts, sales, collecting deposits and booking appointments) on autopilot. Must be VIP to apply.

KickstartSocial.co Club Access

Get VIP access to our exclusive community with the top industry leaders along with complimentary luxury trainings and exclusive networking opportunities.

What Our 100+ Professional Partners Are Saying…

See how hundreds of Medspas, IV Hydration, Body Contouring and Wellness brands are growing their businesses WITHOUT putting in any additional time, work or handling any of the marketing & sales themselves and turned chaos into consistently booking clients.

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“I’m in a very saturated market and they have been able to bring in consistent IV Hydration and aesthetics leads who actually turn into repeat paying customers!”

-Melissa P., NP | Rejuvenate U Wellness Clinic

Kickstart My Booking+ is Proven Not Promised

“As a growing Nurse Practitioner doing conciderge IV Hydration, body contouring and aesthetics, I want a program that will help me generate new clients on a consistent basis, but without having to worry about where my next booking is going to come from.

In other words, I want a program that can be a complete extension of me to take care of everything A-Z so all I have to worry about is working with my dream clients and doing what I do best.”

That’s what we do.

Our systems and strategies are designed to help luxury health, wellness + beauty brands get more paying clients on demand with booked appointments (not just leads) with our Expert Team.

We’re the only growth partner that is owned and operated by a Physical Therapist who knows exactly what your business needs, so all you have to do is show up and do what you do best.

Luxury Beauty + Wellness Marketing Is Finally Here.

Over 50+ Cities Worldwide Already Taken or Reserved…

Are You Next?


Q: I just got certified and started my business recently… Can I still qualify?

We’re dedicated to work with established practitioners who honor industry standards and pricing. If you believe you’re on the right track, we’re happy to have a conversation to better understand where you are in your business.

Q: Why do you only work with one practitioner  per city?

Although we’re inclusive culturally – we work exclusively with elite brands and build long-term relationships with them. We avoid unwanted competition for our practitioners which allows space for them to become the #1 provider in their area.

Q: What makes KickstartSocial.co different from other marketing agencies?

We’re the original Kickstart My Booking PLUS agency owned and operated by a licensed Physical Therapist of 22 years and with that comes authentic authority. We’re not here to copy or steal someone else’s idea – we created this platform for elite practitioners like yourself. We started this platform with one main objective – to foster success for our practitioners by facilitating meaningful connections and curating successful marketing systems. Today we confidently lead with experience and proof of partnering with over 50 practitioners worldwide.

Q: Ok… I’m on the fence… Tell me one last reason why I should trust you?

We’re not here to convince you why you should apply for our program. And if you’re price shopping for something cheap – we’re not going to be a good fit. Our practitioners are ambitious and committed to growing their business and putting in the hard work and talent. Being the #1 Luxury Beauty and Wellness Growth Partner – we’ve worked with hundreds of worldwide clients – and did we mention we are a female and minority owned and operated company.

Q: What is your acceptance rate for new practitioners as partners?

Because we’re dedicated to serving the top tier of Beauty and Wellness practitioners and we limit to only one artist per city – our acceptance rate is low (we turn away 95% of applicants), but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. If your city is available and you’re a qualified practitioner – this could be an opportunity for you.

Q: Can you help international businesses / locations?

Yes we do! Our platform is proven to work anywhere in the world. As of today, the majority of our clients are in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Our strategies are designed to thrive in every country.

Q: If I am a qualified fit, how quickly can I start getting new booked appointments?

It will take about a week after you’re accepted into our program for us to design your personal campaign – and you’re off to an exciting entrepreneurial chapter booking high-quality clients.


Q: If I have multiple practitioners or locations, how does that work?

When you’re scaling your business with Kickstartsocial.co, we encourage you to grow your team, expand to multiple locations and build your own  practitioner community. If you’re already at that point with your brand, we’ll sit down and custom design your business plan.

Q: If I’m not ready to market right now but would like to reserve my city, can I still sign up with you today?

Yes. If you’re committed to growing your business with us, but the timing isn’t perfect – we can push back the official launch date.


Q: What makes Kickstartsocial.co different?

We’re the only growth partner that handles BOTH the marketing (directing your dream clients to you) and sales training (closing deals and getting money in your bank account).

Our Beauty + Wellness Concierge team will train you to book appointments, collect deposits and close deals specifically for the health, wellness and beauty industry.

Q: Do you guys guarantee booked appointments?

No we don’t and we will let you know why. Depending on which agreement you move forward with, we offer a full automation with laser target marketing with a track record of earning our partners 75+ pre-qualified warm leads within 90 days.

Q: What is unique about your process?

We have the first ever Beauty + Wellness Expert Concierge Team who handles all of the follow ups, nurturing, sales, closing deals, collecting deposits and booking appointments if you qualify.

The KMB+ Concierge team is an extension of YOU, so that frees up your time to focus on CEO level activities – including: expanding to different locations, hiring a team, or focusing on your clients and giving back to the community.

Q: Do you offer any guarantees?

We do not guarantee bookings, wait did you just say that? We have a proven record of delivering 75+ warm leads within 90 days. It’s your responsibility as the business owner to execute our strategy to book clients. We support you throughout the entire process and even offer complimentary sales training to skyrocket your bookings.

Q: Why can’t I do this myself?

Our industry program is designed to help luxury Beauty and Wellness Practitioners get more paying clients on demand with guaranteed & booked appointments (not just leads). You might be able to build your business on your own, but we have strategic automation and executive planning that are proven to elevate our brands and their businesses.

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