Lead Generation Form

Lead Generation Form

Step 1 of 2 - Welcome to Kickstart My Booking PLUS

  • Thank you for becoming our Partner! This form should take about 30 minutes to complete. Please have your Facebook and Instagram passwords ready. After completing this form you will receive a login to watch the tutorial videos. Once complete, we will schedule a Zoom with you and your team to review your onboarding and launch your ads. Thank you and lets get started!

    Facebook To Do List: (this is where your ads will run!) 

    • Kickstart Social Business Manager ID: 1873710949552050

    • Here's your facebook checklist for adding us as a partner, assigning assets, connecting your instagram to your facebook page, and connecting a payment method HERE


    Slack Channel To Do List: (this is how you get notified of your leads!)

    • Download the App Slack (Communication Tool) And Join our Slack Workspace (Make sure you see Kickstarts logo in the top left hand corner of the app)

    • Note *When you join our channel please do not message #general. We create a private channel for you where you can message there 🤩

    • Your channel will have your business name with a lock icon beside it.  When you open up slack, select your channel and all of your notifications will appear here for your leads daily.

    • You will get all of your lead notifications and response to ad notifications here so you and your team will need access to this daily, and we communicate with each other as well!

    Once you have completed everything in this checklist we will get your campaign started immediately.👌🚀  Be prepared to start receiving qualified leads within minutes of your ad going live!

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