CEO Branding Form

CEO Branding Form

Who is your business at its core?
In creating a solid foundation, acknowledging your past as well as the goals driving you forward are essential.
3-6 MONTH MARKETING strategy:(Required)
Please select all that apply
This is the MAJORITY of your clients that you wish to attract. It’s important to distinguish them apart from everyone to set your branding up for success.
What is(are) their age range(s)? Only choose 1-2(Required)
Personality Traits (Insert descriptive words, like: charismatic, successful, classy, real)
The people who both inspire you and share your market.
This tells us a lot about your influence when it comes to your brand, let's be creative!
Example, a cheetah, Bali, Bentley convertible. Now your turn!
Tell us about how you do business currently and what your goals are for expanding if applicable.
BRAND: Do you have a visual brand identity?(Required)
Do you love it or want to rebrand/update it?(Required)
Do you have a brand style guide?(Required)
If so we will get that from you later via email.
If you have the actual hex codes, please list. If not please write the colors simply like black, rose gold and mint green.
Please also list why you admire them and what you like specifically. Ex: I love XZY brand because their logo is so unique. Or you love ABC brand because their font is very original or different.
BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Do you have professional images for your brand?(Required)
Have you had a photoshoot recently?
If no, please just write N/A
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