Acuity Graphic Form

Acuity Graphic Form

Type "I don't have one" if you don't have and Instagram account
Please list your daily business hours, for example Monday 9AM to 4PM, Tuesday 12PM to 8PM, Wednesday Closed, Thursday Appointment Only.
Max. file size: 256 MB.
For example, "we do lashes but I don't want it featured" or "we don't have Botox and Filler listed on our Acuity, but we have added it and I want it featured".
Do you want your Acuity page to be:(Required)
How would you like your Acuity page to appear? Full of graphics, icons and logos or more streamlined and clean and minimal?
Please check that you agree(Required)
We appreciate your business! In order to streamline your project, please be intentional about the information and marketing assets that you provide. Projects will be delayed or cancelled if all required information is not provided. We require knowledge of Google drive for all logos, photos, branding materials etc.
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