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Kickstartsocial.co digital marketing agency specializes in social media management, lead generation, PR, SEO, content curation, branding and web development for purposeful entrepreneurs.

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Crafting a well built home for a brand is the next step in creating a cohesive, consistent customer journey. Digital Marketing and your unique website are often the first touchpoint a prospective customer will see, and having a digital home that continues to harness beauty and functionality to make your brand stand out is an essential way to empower and elevate your business.

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the team

We are visionaries, creatives, dreamers.

Jessica Lynne White, BS, MSPT

Physical Therapist, Digital Marketing Expert, CEO

Kashif Rizwan, MBA, CAT

Digital Marketing Director, CFO

Midori Ritz-Cruisin

Executive Assistant

Denise Fernandez

Graphic Design Lead

Perry Laya

Web Coordinator, Digital Marketing

Echo Cruisin

Account Manager

Kim Acosta

Account Manager

Md. Rakibul Islam

Full Stack Web Application Developer

We are hiring!
Are you a graphic designer, social media marketer, web designer, copywriter or just a dreamer? Come join our team!


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